31 October 2010

The clocks went back

Which usually means an extra hour in bed. Hoorah.
Today however I was awake at 5.25am and I have not been able to drop off properly since.
I've been lying in bed doing that half awake/half asleep dreaming/day dreaming thing.

I dreamt I was able to get a little shop, where I'd sell handmade goods, beautiful pieces of clothing, and photography and art. Which is a fairly regular day dream. Now the sleepy brain has gone a bit bonkers elements... Kelly Osbourne was my rental agent, who arranged for Take That, in the middle of their huge tour to come and open my little shop.
Also, I did not get the keys, or find out I had the shop, until the day before opening, so the shop was empty, undecorated, etc.

Not sure what that all means apart from the fact people have been going on about Take That tickets so much it has engraved itself onto my brain!!

Did make me think a little about what I want however. And while a physical shop is perhaps a little beyond my reach. (Who knows though, maybe one day!) making some changes to get a career I actually enjoy and makes me happy is certainly paramount.

Also. Today is Halloween. later today (I am currently enjoying breakfast in bed) when the husband chap is home from footy we are going to visit my parents and sister. Eat some yummy birthday buffet food (belated celebrations for my Mum) and carve pumpkins. :)

Happy Halloween everyone

Jules x
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