21 October 2010

Where did Autumn go??

The leaves are still green, but it feels like Winter its that chilly.

So where did Autumn go?
The past 2 days my car has needed scraping before I could go anywhere, and I am dressing not too unlike an Eskimo.
But the leaves are only just yellowing, and I know its still October.

Hopefully the cold snap will finish soon, and we can get back to some proper Autumn. Ooh. just remembered, on a whim I ordered a pumpkin with our grocery shop! That'll arrive tomorrow. lovely.

Just need to decide how to carve it. traditionally scary, or something cuter, or more fun? Hopefully I can steal borrow Dads Dremmel thing to carve it, that will make things much easier, and reduce the risk of severed fingers. (always a good thing I think)

On another note. I am considering jacking in this Weight Watchers business.
I rejoined meetings 6months ago. and with all my ups and downs I am basically the same weight. What a waste of money!
I dunno. I don't think my head is in the right place at the moment, and all this counting points. I'm sick to the back teeth of it.
Some time out from 'dieting' (and not wasting money) is I think what is needed at the moment. And perhaps just concentrate on eating healthily and being more active, pushing it a bit more at the gym, is more where my head is at.

We shall see. I shall discuss it with Husband Chap tonight, after all he's the one who has to hear me complaining about my clothes not fitting me/I don't like my clothes/I hate how I look... and so on! :)
I am sure a lot of you know what I mean! :)

Learn to love yourself. Thats the important thing!!

Anyway. Happy Thursday everyone

Jules x

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