4 October 2010

You look like a little Pixie.

Thats what I was told by the girl I work with today :)

I am wearing black leggins. Black furry lined boots. A green and black striped jumper. and a very old, faded black elastic waist skirt that I brought from Zara, approximately 10 years ago.
I think this, as its quite poofy, along with the Green striped jumper are giving me the air of pixiness today.

I wish I felt like a pixie. I can imagine they are quite joyous and sprightly. But to be honest, this was a completely thrown on outfit this morning, as I had to literally force myself out of bed, and the majority of my clothes are either packed for holiday, or are in the basket for washing. oops. not very well planned.

We had quite a busy weekend, with super high highs, and super low lows.

Along with our general weekend events, we were trying to wash and pack as much as possible, the dismal weather did not aid this task, and we still look like we are living in a tent, with things hanging everywhere possible to try and get things dried.

Our super high, was visiting our friends new 4 day old baby. 4 days!!! He was teeny tiny. Just 6.5lbs and completely adorable. He was wearing a little blue babygro, with little brown Mooses all over it, and he was so small, his hands disappeared up the sleeves. We had lots of cuddles, and hubby fed and burped him, after which he feel blissfully to sleep on his arm. Lovely... lovely while we were there anyway, his Mum and Dad only had 3hrs rest the night before!

Our Super low, My super low, was waking on Sunday morning to the news my auntie had passed away. She had taken ill while we were on honeymoon, and was taken to hospital. she hadn't been home since. She was in a hospice as she had been diagnosed with cancer. a brain tumour. and it doesnt matter if you know its coming. when it happens your never really prepared for it.
She was my Dads eldest Sister, and was a wonderful fun happy person. I remember when I got my first tattoo, Dad wasn't pleased with me, and most other adults tutted and shook their heads at me (I was 18) she laughed, said she loved it and admitted she was thinking of getting one done but thought she was too old. She always wrote the absolute best letters too.

Anyway. From Super high, to Super low in a matter of hours.

Cancer has taken so many people that I know and love. Its a horrible horrible thing. We donate monthly to Cancer Research UK. But I think we may do a charity event next year. Something major to raise money.
Not sure what yet, so any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Jules x

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