3 November 2010

Becoming Thrifitier

If 'thriftier' is even a word.

For the next 2 weeks we are buying nothing more than fresh fruit and veggies, cheese, bread that sort of thing. It'll force me to be a bit more creative with our meals, and means we shall use up things that have been lurking in the cupboards/freezer for some time.
Last night I grabbed a load of leftover veggies and made a curry for my lunch today. yum. There is enough for tomorrows lunch too.

I am going to recycle/reuse some of my old clothes. that are perhaps a little worn/need some TLC. either re-dying them, or making them into something new.

And today I decided I am going to learn to crochet. I have had some ideas whizzing around my head for a while, and rather than ask my friends to knit/crochet them for me. I am just going to learn to do them myself. I am quite excited. and I shall share the things I make, and the things I f**k up along the way! :D

There are lots of things we want to do (including seeing Kings of Leon on their tour next year, which we booked tickets for yesterday) so we need to save money every which way possible. so we can do all the lovely exciting things we want to do!
I am also hoping that the crochet may turn into another string to my bow for selling my stuff at craft fairs/carboots/online, along with any paintings/prints I do. :D

Any tips on how to be thriftier, please share xx

Happy Wednesday
Jules x

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