11 November 2010

colour samples

We may end up spending a fortune on colour samples to get one that matches this wallpaper that we have chosen for the living room...
I absolutely love it!! It gives of a 70s vibe I think, and its still lovely and neutral and pale but with a striking pattern. Thankfully Darren loved it too when I showed him it! (I have to admit I love this one all the more with its gorgeous dark colours, but it just wouldn't work in our living room! but oh how beautiful it is)
However, finding a paint that matches the background colour of this wallpaper is turning into a mission in itself. Colour swatches just do not properly match the finished colour when its on the wall.

I am sure we shall get one sorted soon. Darren is off work today (being a self employed builder when the weather is so bad is not great) and is going to get a few more samples, and will be taking down the curtains, pole, pictures etc etc, and polyfilling any holes, all ready for the paint-a-thon this weekend.

oooh.... and just before I sign off. have you noticed this is not a 'argh, I ache so much' post!! I did almost keel over at the gym last night from all the extra work I had to do, but I am surprisingly un-achey today! hoorah.

Happy Thursday
Jules x

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