6 November 2010

I've been baking

Darren is playing for a new football team today, so while he is away, I have been cleaning, and baking, and learning how to crochet.

The baking consisted of Roasted pumpkin seeds. pumpkin mini muffins. pumpkin, apple, raisin, cinnamon loaf. And chorizo and onion muffins.

The pumpkin creations are in the oven still baking, they smell amazing. The chorizo muffins are yummy, they are more for Darren though. And the pumpkin seeds...
My first attempt at roast pumpkin seeds, I seasoned them with just garlic salt and black pepper. Oh my word they are delicious!! Not sure there will be any left for when Darren gets home! :)

All I need now is a super cool 50s style apron and I'm set!

Happy Saturday
Jules x

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