15 November 2010

Sunday Snapshot & Weekend Update

Sunday Snapshot, which is late, again, on a Monday this time, so is combined with the weekend update.
In my defence, we had a very busy weekend. It was filled with more paint samples, shopping for wool (for my crochet extravaganza) baking bread, batch cooking pasta sauces, gym visits, boxing matches (lame, waste of £15) wine, painting & decorating and cooking roast dinner. I am knackered! Aren't weekends supposed to be relaxing?

On the plus side, I have a freezer full of pasta sauces for quick after gym dinners. and tonnes of roast beef left to make some pies and a hotpot with. I have started my scarf... which may be the longest scarf in existence! oops. And we have painted the ceiling in the living room.
sloooowly, but surely, the decorating is getting done. hoorah.

We'd eaten the bread (olive flat bread, and parmesan and red onion flat bread) before I thought to take a snapshot of them. They were by far the best ones I have baked so far. Hence them not sticking around very long before they were eaten!
And since we no longer have a warm airing cupboard to prove them in, I decided they would sit in the dishwasher after its cycle to raise. It was lovely and warm in there still and it worked a treat! Drinking wine while baking obviously leads to some wonderful ideas ;)

A couple of snapshots then, of the living room. The paint samples and doodles. and our 'decorators corner' of the living room. The paint pod is brilliant!! No cleaning, and super quick to paint as no stooping down and back up to refill your roller. So glad we brought it when we have the whole house to paint/decorate.

Happy Monday
Jules x

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