29 December 2010


A little late to be wishing Merry Christmas perhaps. I decided that over the Xmas period I'd take some time off completely. It was lovely.

Darren is back at work today (for the first time in a few weeks, the weather has cleared up so they can get some days in. Its kinda a shame when I am off work, but him being able to work is way more important at the moment. He's been going a bit crazy being stuck at home not working.

I am on the sofa in my PJs (new, lovely blue star covered ones!) food filled and lethargic. I think I have eaten my own body weight in food over the past few days, and to be honest I am now suffering for it. I need vegetables. ones that are not roasted in fat. or fruit thats not surrounded in pastry.
I am going to make some olive bread and spicy tomoto soup for my lunch, and get something veg filled and comforting cooked for dinner for when Darren is home.

I need to pop out and get some Lemsip too as we have both been a bit sniffley. too much relaxing and over indulgence. ;)

I'll post some more over the next couple of days about Xmas I am sure. & we have New years eve to look forward to yet too. We are spending it with our friends Leanne and Ed, going out for Chinese food. yum.

Merry Christmas.

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