31 May 2011


I have no idea what day it is! We just this moment got home from yoga class (which by the way, ouch, my hip is killing me!) put dinner in the oven (baked gnocchi) and I realised it is tuesday!

We've had a busy weekend. We were out on Sat evening for food with hubbys family, Sunday we had lunch and a little walk with my lovely cousin and her fiance, Sunday evening we went with friends to see The Hangover 2 (If you have not seen it, and liked the first. Get. To. The. Cinema. Now. its super funny) And Monday we made our way to Coventry to stop in a hotel and see Kings Of Leon.


Its been such a busy weekend, but its been such brilliant fun. It was great cating up with my cousin, we can talk for England when we get together! The movie was so funny, I wasnt too bothered about going, but am so glad I did. and Kings of Leon... Need I tell you that was fabulous?
It was fabulous. they are an exceptional live band, I only wish we'd had better seats/were standing. They played a good mix of old and new songs and it was just great. (trying to get a taxi back to the hotel, and how uncomfortable the hotel bed were not so super, but we'll skim over those things!

If you have tickets to their UK tour, they will not disapoint, and I am so jealous you have that still to look forward to! Next time they tour I'll be booking tickets again for sure. and I am super excited to see Foos in MK in July now too! :D yaaaay.

I shall post 'Tasty Tuesday Wednesday' tomorrow! xxx

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