2 May 2011

Here we go...

Ok. Back to normal, back to work, back to the gym and back to blogging.

Not 100% back to normal, as this is where I am now blogging from...
Hey look, there's me in the mirror! ha.
Yup, we have a desk! ok, so the walls still need repairing & painting, and there is still stuff all over the place that needs sorting out. The chair could do with covering/reupholstering too. But the fact of the matter is. we have a desk. and seeing as 2 weeks ago you could barely get in this room because of all the junk, this is huge! :)

I am currently sat at the desk, sunlight is not streaming in through the windows, someone has just pulled up outside and honked their horn, and there is a birds nest just outside the window... goodness those baby birdies are noisy!  I am editing a few photos taken at my husbands birthday celebrations at the weekend (at a Mexican restaruant. Highly enjoyable) and finally getting to update this blog of mine.

As I mentioned before I am going to try and focus and give it a bit of an overhaul here. I just want to have a few regular posts each week, so you know when to pop back and have a read.
Fridays will still be my Weigh in result/meal plan day. Its good for me to plan my food, saves money and helps keep me on track (if the last 2 weeks of not planning are anything to go by this is completely neccisary!) on Tuesdays I will start to post recipes or fill you in on places we have eaten, it'll kinda coincide with my meal plans so new recipes I try I shall share on here, and you'll get to see if they were a sucess, or a complete failure! ;)
I'll also start to share some of the things I make (now I have a room to work in hoorah!) and some of the photos I take. I have lots lots more planned too, but for now these are the first steps.

All starting tomorrow with a nice and easy Olive & Herb flatbread recipe! :)

Happy Bank Holiday Monday everyone. xx

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