21 May 2011

Weigh In & Meal Plans

A day late with this post. Today really truely was 'one of those days' (I am sure that is turning into my favourite saying recently!)
First I took a tumble at work while carrying some parcels and took the impact full on my right knee. on a concrete floor. ouch. Its not too bad,  it has a nice lump and bruise and my foot is bruised and grazed, but I can bend it, and it seems to be taking my weight ok walking up stairs this morning (couldnt manage that yesterday)
Then the car broke down. to be exact the exhaust fell off!! whaaaat! I've only had the thing 5 months, and we only noticed a rattling noise 2 days ago and then sodding thing falls off. Its in the garage at the moment waiting to be looked at on Monday. I'm not best pleased as you can imagine. Hopefully it'll be sorted soon, going form 2 cars to 1 to none is a bit of an adjustment!
Not to mention work is super busy. So when I finally got home last night we crashed on the sofa, I put my knee up and we got take out delivered. Not diet friendly, but it was so good after a crappy day.

Anyway, Thursday night. I lost 1.5lbs. hoorah. and apart from my little (understandable) blip last night, I'm hoping for another good loss next week.

Saturday - EE
B: Fruit & yogurt, Toast
L: Veggy tortilla
D: Pork curry

Sunday - EE
B: Sausage & Bacon panini
L: Crudites and home made dips
D: Spaghetti bolognaise & garlic bread

Monday - Green - Gym in morning
B: Fruit, muesli & yogurt
L: Veggy tortilla
D: Veggy Jambalaya

Tuesday - Green - Yoga in evening
B: Fruit, muesli & yogurt
L: Leftover Jambalaya
D: Cheese & broccoli pasat bake

Wednesday - Green - Gym in morning
B: Fruit, muesli & yogurt
L: Leftover pasta bake
D: Tofu/Veg curry

Thursday - Green - Body Balance & SW in evening
B: Fruit, muesli & yogurt
L: Leftover curry
D: Tomato & basil baked Gnocchi.

Friday - EE - Gym in morning
B: Fruit, muesli & yogurt
L:Leftover Gnocchi
D: Homemade fish & chips

Lunches are all about the leftovers this week. Makes it so much easier just cooking a little extra the night before, popping it in some tupperwear in the fridge and grabbing it the next morning! I am really enjoying going veggy during the week too, and it saves money which is of course a good thing :)
The exercise will all be knee dependant, I'll be sure to take it easy and not damage it any more.

Happy Saturday.xx

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