13 May 2011

Weigh In Result & Meal Plans

Soooo. It was a bad week for me. and when I am having a bad week i lose all interest in food. Unfortunatly this does not lead me to ealing little and often, but rather eating junk and snacks because I quite frankly just cannot be bothered.
I gained 2.5lbs
I'm not upset about it though as I was fully expecting it. No excuses, it was entirely my own fault because I didnt have the energy or will power to turn down the biscuits.

It was a good meeting last night however, and i left feeling much more positive and happy with my plans for this week. And a lot of us pledged a 3lb weight loss aim for the week ahead. And because it was such a good group type pledge I really want to get it.

I'm keeping things simpler this week. I can have a tendancy to over think things, and to get myself back to eating heathier I think the simpler the better. :)

Saturday - EE
B - Cereal & fruit
L - Tuna salad roll & spanish tortilla
D - 'KFC' style chicken & chips (and Eurovision!)

Sunday - EE
B - Bacon, Sausage, Eggs, Tomatoes, Beans, Mushrooms, Toast
L - Spanish tortilla
D - Chicken casserole

Monday - Green
B - Cereal & Fruit
L - Tortilla & cheese and tomato roll
D - Thai yellow veg curry & rice

Tuesday - Green - Body Balance in Evening
B - Ceral & Fruit
L - Tortill & cheese and tomato roll
D - Gnocchi Bake (Gnocchi baked in a tomato sace with roast cerry toms and mozarella! - an experiment!)

Wednesday - Green - Gym in morning
B - Cereal & Fruit
L - Leftover Gnocchi
D - Pepper & mushroom risotto

Thursday - Green - SW in Evening
B - Cereal & fruit
L - Leftover risotto
D - Darrens quick dinner (Fish, jacket pot & mushy peas)

Friday - EE - Gym in morning
B - Cereal & Fruit
L - Jacket pot, Tuna & sweetcorn
D - Chicken, Chorizo & Prawn Paella.

Eurovison is tomorrow night. I am a complete eurovision geek. LOVE it! We have friends coming over for dinner, and I cannot wait! ha.

Have good weekends everyone xx

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