25 June 2011

Happy Saturday

11am Saturday morning, and currently I am in bed. I have been up and made myself breakfast and tea, but I brought it back to bed with me to watch the TV I'd recorded through the week (Geordie Shore and Love your garden!... random!) and have a bit of a pamper.

I didnt post my weekly menu yesterday, I was in a bit of a sulk since I'd gained 2lbs this week. Sure I'd had a couple of days where I hadn't been an angel, but to gain 2lbs! I was miffed to say the least. But its water under the bridge, there is nothing I can do about it so onwards and upwards. Even with my birthday on Monday, and celebratory meal out this evening I still want a loss this week, so I need to be supre super focussed.

Monday - EE - My Birthday! weather dependant we'll bike to the local farm shop for lunch. the day looks like it will pan out much like I hoped

Tuesday - Green - Yoga in evening
B - fruit & cereal
L - Quiche, salad & potaoes
D - pasta & sauce

Wednesday- Green - Gym in evening
B - fruit & cereal
L - Leftover Quiche, salad, potatoes
D - Chilli bean & potato bake

Thursday- Green - Balance & SW in evening
B - fruit & cereal
L - Leftover Chilli bean bake
D - cheese on toast

Friday - Green - Zumba in evening
B - fruit & cereal
L - Leftover chilli bean bake
D - Pepper & Mushroom Risotto

Saturday - EE
B - fruit & cereal
L - hot chicken salad.
D - Boxing on tonight, we have some friends coming over so i'll do some nibbles and make sure I have healthy stuff for me to eat!

Sunday - EE - Going to see Foo Fighters - No idea what I shall eat. hopefully We'll find a jacket potato stand! :D

These are my plans for the week anyway, mainly based around what we have in the cupboards already. Save money on grocery shopping as we have a busy week ahead. :)

Happy weekend xx

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