15 June 2011

Lust List - June 2011

Oops. I haven't done my lust list for a couple of months now! A bit belated perhaps, but here are the things on my Lust List for June...

1: A lego lunchbox!! omg. I'd never use it, but still I love it!
2: Boring I know... but seriously, I need some Billy bookcases for the spareroom/office!
3: And while i'm on the subject, this would be lovely too!
4: I am loving the coloured denim thats in the shops at the moment. I'll not be buying any just yet, need to get these hefty thighs slimmed down before I even consider donning anything bright and attention drawing! haha. Not 100% sure they are really my style either, but they are lovely for summer!
5: I know that I post shoes a lot on my lust lists, I think I may have a problem, I looove shoes. l've them, and currently I love these!! (whats with all the pink!)
6: Really love this dress from boohoo too. Such a lovely colour.
7: This is definitely something I need!
8: A corkscrew... shaped as a unicorn!! .. why yes please!!
9: A cople of these for when our garden is finished would be just wonderful
 10: Finally, This is probably what I want most out of all the items on this list.
 Bit of a random list this time round! Its taken me a while to compile it too. I've put myself on a bit of a spendin hiatus, and so as not to be led into temptation I've just downright avoided looking at lovely stuff!! haha. It'll be worth it in the long run.

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