20 June 2011

Monday - 20/6

Just a quick update today as I want to get on with some stuff round the house. My 2nd monday off and it's jam packed with stuff to do this afternoon, and I want to get on with mking some things this morning... If I can find my fabric etc in the spare room organising/decorating chaos.
Its true that things get worse before they get better right? Please say that it will get better...

Its lovely outside a the moment too, so I am thinking I shall get all my stuff together, and while I may not be able to sit and work in the garden, I can at least sit and work in the living room, with the back door wide open and sun streaming in.

One last thing before I dash off, I don't know if any of you read Peonies blog? But her post today about her wardrobe struck a chord with me (apart from the post baby belly of course, post 'eating too much cake and trying to shift the weight belly' is more acurate!) Might try and fit in a half hour of wardrobe purging today, even if I only get a couple of drawers done, its a good start. getting anywhere near 33 items will be nothing short of a miracle, but I am going to be strict and only things I love (and fit properly) will be allowed to reside in my drawers

oo-er missus. ha. x

EDIT - what do you think of the new blog layout/makeover?? The sun is no longer shining, so instead of basking in its rays I got rather carried away dong this instead! :)

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