3 June 2011

Weigh In Result & Meal Plans

Gooood morning.

This week is a bit of an off one with the meal planning, It is our first anniversary this weekend (ahhhh) and so we are just going to see how it pans out. there will certainly be no meal planning, so I am just sharing the bits I have planned out...

Friday: green - gym in morning
B - Muesli & strawberries
L - Mugshot, fruit
D - Spaghetti Bolognese & aubergine fritters
Weekend - ???
Tuesday: Green - Yoga in evening
B - Cereal/Toast & fruit
L - Stuffed mushrooms/peppers
D - Veggy curry & rice
Wednesday: Green - Gym in Morning
B - Cereal/Toast & fruit
L - Leftover curry, or mugshot
D - Stuffed aubergines & salad
Thursday: Green - Balance & SW in Evening
B - Cereal/Toast & fruit
L - ‘Ready meal’ at work
D - mugshot or salad?

All a little vague I know, but there you go. I need to prepare a 'ready meal' to have my dinner at lunch at work on Thursday. seeing as Balance on Tuesdays has been cancelled my only other option in Thursdays before slimming world. This does mean however that I am out all day, so I am going to give a try to eating a full proper meal at lunch, and then just have a salad or sandwich when I get home. I really do not like going to bed on a full stomach. 

As for my weigh in last night. I lost 1lb! and after KoL and the weekend in general I am really happy with that. I finally feel like I am getting my sh*t together again. :)

Things are falling into place and that just feels wonderful!

Have wonderful weekends all of you, no matter what you do! xxx

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