25 July 2011

ooh, something new. (Make it Monday V1)

Another little occasional feature I am going to start on here is 'Make it Mondays' a suggestion from my friend Nic.
Now, I am certainly not suggesting that I am any good at making stuff, hell no, but its more so I get off my backside and start geting productive. of course I had planned to start the feature today, but well... I didnt make much! (you know my life at the moment is spent either at work or in the garden/doing diy right?)

What I did make was a small acceptance card for my cousins wedding (in just under 5 weeks!! eek) super simple, but how hard do you want an acceptance card to be?

Tools needed:
Card (in whatever colours you choose, I chose pale sage green and cream)
sticky jewels (or just jewels and glue, I happend to have some pre sticky pearls)
paper string (noral string, twine, agin, whatever you choose)
doule sided tape (I couldnt find mine! so ued micro dots instead)
sticky letters (or a printer and cute fonts, or stamps and ink of course)
craft knife
PVA glue
tweezers (so much easier when positioning fiddly items)

Decide on the size card you want to make and cut your coloured card to size. Then cut your 2nd colour card to around 1cm smaller (so you have aprox 5mm boarder when they are stuck together)
Stick these together using your double sided tape
next take your little jewels and stick these in each of the corners of the smaller card
peel your sticky letters and place these in the top center of your card
Cut another piece of your coloured card and stick this under your letters
Next take a piece of string, and shape into a heart, make sure it will fit nicely in the square you just cut.
Now the messiest bit, pop PVA along the back of your heart, the string will not hold its shape fully so if your anything like me, you'll get covered in glue!
carefully place this in the centre of your coloured card, hold in place fo a few seconds sothe pva grips, and leave to dry.
Ta-da. Your acceptance card is complete and ready for you to write a note to the couple on the back and pop in the post to them. :)

Now I must dash, we have gravel and bricks to buy, The shed is arriving tomorrow so we need to be ready/finished so we can paint/put it up as soon as possible.

Happy Monday. x

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