12 August 2011


Sometimes I forget to write,
This blog, though try as I might,
Whether June or December,
I never remember,
And that just isn't polite!

I've been writing a lot of silly little rhymes lately, I might share some of every now and then. I have a few ideas simmering below the surface, and I am hoping they shall flourish and make some wonderful little blog posts soon. :)

We have a busy weekend ahead of us, tidying and clearing out our garden. Now the patio is finished (Hoorah) and the shed is in place (love it) we can give the place a good tidy and get it looking ship shape. Yes in a few weeks we shall start digging near the house to prepare for building, but for those couple of weeks at least we'll have a tidy, clear garden!! (I've already been planning what I'll be growing in the veg patch next year!)

Happy Friday everyone! x

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