22 September 2011

A Few things...

10 things that are on my mind at the moment...

1- I eat too much. My portions are huge, and this is because I am greedy and I want everything for myself.
2 - I love baking, it makes me happy.
3 - Related to the above, have you been watching Great British Bake Off?? Seriously, it my favourite program! love it.
4 - I really should get my name changed on my passport.
5 - It costs HOW MUCH to get my name changed on my passport!! Maybe that'll wait a while.
6 - I love my ombre hair, but I can't afford the upkeep. (dyeing roots and tips different colours is a hassle)
7 - I need to get on with it and dye my hair soon, my roots/grey hairs are glistening in the sunlight.
8 - Gargling with TCP is horrid, but it makes toothache lessen immensely.
9 - I am running out of moisturiser.
10 - I really love lists.

image found here
ironically, the place I got the pic is a review of the first episode, which generally rips it to tatters. Whatever, is we all liked the same it'd be a dull dull place. and I like cake. and bunting. so there. x

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