12 January 2012

I'm Back!!!...

Well hello there... If indeed there is still anyone left out there who ventures onto this corner of the interweb to see if I still exist!
I know I have been a very very bad blogger! I have reasons for this I promise, the past few months have been one of great change for me (and my husband for that matter) and 2012 is going to be full of new challenges, adventures and excitement.

Not least because.....
Yay!! We are expecting our first child! (OMFG! Its still so unreal to us... We did what!! We made a baby! Holy cow, how on earth are we going look after a baby!!)

We are very excited, and of course happy about this new little family member that we shall be meeting later this year. :) (At the end of June, in fact I am due the day before my birthday!)

At the moment we seem to have gone into DIY overload trying to get the house shipshape and sorted for little bumps arrival. As I type this I am laying in bed, in a room with no carpet or other furniture other than a side table which has my light, book and iPod on it (and we have still to completely decide on what colour the room is being painted)

As you can imagine I don't know how regularly I shall update this blog, or for that matter with what subjects I shall update. (I shall certainly do my best not to become a baby bore!) I have a couple of foody items in the pipeline and no doubt endless DIY updates.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New year, and that 2012 is full of joy and laughter for you all.

See you soon.
Jules xoxo

ps: thats a reeeally old photo! it just happens to be one we keep on our fridge and change the wording when each other are least expecting it. sometimes its nice comments about each other, more often its mickey taking and abuse! ;)