4 February 2012

Early waking

Good morning! Its 7am on Saturday, I can see the sun is rising out the window and I have been awake for the past 2 hours or more already.

Darren starts work super early at the weekend so he can get finished nice and early, I often have trouble dropping back off to sleep after his alarm goes off (not always, there are times I don't hear it at all and wake in daylight to a big darren sized space in the bed) especially when I have little baby wiggles in my belly distracting me.

On the plus side, I've stuck on the little electirc heater and stayed in bed watching the last couple of episodes of 3 hungry boys that I'd missed, catching up on blogs and deciding what I am going to bake... once I drag my backside out from under the duvet!

I've decided I'm going to bake a basic loaf, which i'll add some olives and herbs to, and some of these little breakfasty pop tarts. Since seeing them on Emmas Blog, I've seen them a few other places too. I'm planning on making some apple, raisin and cinnamon ones, home made apple & blackberry jam filled ones, and Nutella filled ones too. (Darren will want the Nuttella ones, will have to make lots of those!)
And the best thing? Make a big batch, and freeze them before cooking. You can just grab a couple from the freezer and shove them in the oven for 15minutes for some lovely homemade sweet pastry goodness when the urge takes you.

Guess what our lazy Sunday breakfast will be this week! ;)

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