15 September 2011

Is anyone there??

Its been rather quiet round here of late... Well ok, yes, its been deafeningly silent.

In all truth, I don't really know why, I just haven't had the urge to write. We've not been up to much. I baked my most amazing olive bread to date. (seriously, amazing! and HUGE we ate it for lunch and dinner the day i baked it, and oh, oops, there is none left. Who needs fruit and vegetables when you have lovely bread?)

Not long after that occurrence we started P90X. That hurts. Seriously, Its a killer. But, I've lost 3lbs in my first week, and if we cancel our gym membership that's a nice chunk of cash we'll be saving. Hoorah.
Erm, what else? My lovely cousin got married (such a fun evening, drank a little too much, hurt the next morning)
The home improvements/conservatory building are on hiatus until the spring. We did however score the table we wanted from Ikea for said conservatory on Ebay for a snippet of the real price (and it was just down the road for us to go and collect) That is now sat in the corner of the living room. Its so nice having a table to eat at after so long without one! happy days. :)
Plans and progress are both being made with my buddy Leanne for a little side project we are hoping will take off. I am sure I shall share more details when we are ready.

So yeah, that's that really.
It may be quiet on here for the next few weeks while things fall into place and I get myself in a little routine, but I shall be back. and I'll be back with a spring in my step and a song in my heart. xx

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