13 October 2011

Landed home...

On Sunday we landed back at Luton Airport after a week in Malta.
I really don't like flying, but its rather a necessity if you want to travel. One thing I do *love* about flying is seeing the wonderful scenery out the window. I get so entranced by the scenery it completely takes my mind off the fact we are in a giant tin can in the sky.
The holiday itself was lovely, warm, relaxing and mostly filled with snorkeling, reading and eating. (What's not to love about that!)
I had yesterday off work and instead on unpacking and doing the washing all day, I half heartedly unpacked and then decided to clean the fridge and make jam. (That's totally normal right? Haha)
It was my first attempt at jam making so I didn't take many photos as I was a little unsure how it would turn out.

As it happens it turned out bloody marvellously, and now I am 1- kicking myself for not taking photos, and 2-eating jam at each possible opportunity.
It turned so well in fact that I can't see myself ever buying jam with my grocery shop ever again, so I'll no doubt share future recipes/attempts when the urge takes me. X
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