1 October 2011

Saturday Mornings.

My Saturday mornings generally go like this... Wake up at an ungodly hour, Take my husband to work, Do the grocery shopping...

I am normally at Tesco (other grocery stores are avaliable) for about 6.30am. Today it was more like 5.30, so here are my for's and against's for early Saturday grocery shopping.

Its early. 'nuff said.
You have to dodge cardboard boxes strewn everywhere on the floor while people fill shelves.
You only have self service kiosks, its not unknown for me to have to go and hunt for someone because I have some alcohol and it wont let me check out.
The days newspapers are not yet out.
Costa Coffee opens at 7, so I don't always get to grab my regular skinny hazelnut latte!
Its early (worth 2 mentions, I am not a morning person)

Tescos is empty! I'd rather dodge the cardboard boxes than 1001 other people with trolleys.
Driving. The roads are also empty, I love driving when the roads are quiet, its one of the best things.
The skies on the way home, The sun is just rising on some part of my journey (today, as I got home)
You see lots of bunnies playing on the verges.
And a large gaggle of geese flying over the house (just after I put my camera away typically)
When I get home, and the shopping is away, I can sit down knowing it is all done and I dont need to think about it again for another week and have myself a lovely little breakfast.

Happy Weekend xx

 my breakfast this morning
view from bedroom window when I got home

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