20 July 2011


My spare time has been filled with gloss paint (radiators and woodwork in the downstairs WC) Rain. Laundry (seriously, seems like its never ending when you can't dry stuff outside!) Work. Sims3. Shopping for sheds. Rain. Good coffee. Shopping for bookcases. Cooking for friends. Filing paperwork (urgh, so tedious) Rain. Looking for/deciding on holidays and oh did I mention rain??
Ok, so its not been quite *that* bad, but come on! Its summer. Give me sunshine! Not grey skies and drizzle. Booo to mr weatherman!

The plus side of rain... Rainbows. <3 this photo, which is of very dubious quality, was taken a couple of weeks back when it was absolutely lashing it down. It was the brightest biggest most lovely rainbow I have ever seen. Fact. I was driving, it was raining, I didn't want to concentrate on the road I wanted to look at the pretty rainbow. So we pulled over for a short while and I snapped this through the rain covered windscreen.

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