12 July 2011

Tasty Tuesday - July 11

Good Mornin'
First things first, I know I have been rather lacklustre with this blog of late, I have good intentions, they last a couple of weeks and then I run out of steam and it all goes kaput. Not much fun for me, not much fun for you!
So instead of me trying to do the stuff I want every single week, I'm concentrating on doing stuff monthly. Quality over quantity! :)
So yes, there will be less, but it will be more regular and much better... I hope. ;) Tell me if its crap ok.

Now I love food. Good food. I love it, and I am also greedy, always have been. 'Eyes bigger than my belly' and 'bottomless pit' my family used to say.
and if you can have good food thats also super simple and easy to prepare, all the better. Means you get to eat it quicker/with less hassle. woo-hoo. That cannot be a bad thing. (If any of you have some lovely simple recipes you would be kind enough to share with me please do, I love to try new things. Or, let me know if you fancy taking over my Tasty Tuesday one time too!)

This is something that I spotted on a blog I have become a regular reader of. A wee bit of cooking, and it inspired me to give baked gnocchi a bash. This has become a firm favourite in our home and its so super simple and easy anyone can do it. (I totally cheat and use pre prepared stuff from the supermarket! ha)

Cherry tomatoes
Dried garlic
Dried chillies
Passata (I use the stuff with basil, yum)
Black pepper
Cheese (Parmesan, grated cheddar, mozzarella... whatever)
Spinach (or rocket, just a nice green salad to serve it with) 

 Cook gnocchi as per pack instructions
(This takes about 3 minutes, and when its cooks it bobs up to the surface, so just remove from the pan with a slotted spoon)
 Place gnocchi into a baking dish and pour over the passata
 Add chopped cherry tomatoes and stir
Sprinkle with black pepper, dried garlic and chilli flakes
Add some torn fresh basil if you have some and sprinbkle with whatever cheese you have
Shove it in the oven for 25-30 minutes, until its golden brown and lovely
Serve with your salad and a slice of garlic bread

Hey presto, dinner is served
(told you it was easy)

Happy Eating. x


Leanne said...

Looks super yum!

Paul (Fat 4 Now) said...

Very nice
the girl can cook