28 October 2010

Feeling Frustrated

I am feeling a touch frustrated today.
I have just got back from a medical appointment to have my back checked (long story short, I had some bad luck in 2008, 2 car accidents in less than 3 months. The first, a lady pulled out of a side street into the front/side of my car. The second, a guy went into the back of me at a roundabout. The first is settled and over and done with. After the second I started experiencing some tingling and numbness in the right, middle of my back. I went for a medical and was told the nerves had been stretched out of my spine, and in time they would settle and go back. I still get numbness and tingling at times. normally after I have done too much or not enough & car journeys over 30/40minutes get very uncomfortable, So I was sent back fro another medical, to someone different this time!) He checked my spine, got me to do some stretches, asked me about the accident, which I have half forgotten, it was ages ago! and that was about it. I must have been in and out in under 20minutes for sure.

No idea if that will be my last check up, if my back will always be like this, Now I am out I am kicking myself for not asking, but I was just a bit flabbergasted and kinda felt a bit rushed I guess.

Hey ho.

Incredibly frustrated with the day job too, but I don't want today's post to just turn into one long moan-fest! :)

On the bright side. I did the online grocery shop today, and this weeks treats are Cheese Footballs, and Wagon Wheels. Yay! Happy Days!

Jules x

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