25 October 2010

What a morning!

Around 6.30am I was woken by a frantic knocking at the front door. I presumed Hubby had forgotten something, and he has bent his front door key so it does not work.

I go downstairs, and his keys are still there and his phone and the door is off the latch... so I go outside. car still there, no one to be seen, but I can here this high pitched beeping.

Next thing I know, Hubby and neighbour appear out the neighbours house and into ours.
It was her knocking on the door. Hubby had not yet left.
Their carbon monoxide alarm was going off. she was panicked and did not know what to do. Hubby said 'just get out and come to ours'

So I called the emergency line, who told us what to do, hubby went in and switched off the gas, all doors and windows open. I think I said at least 150times, dont touch any electrical switches.
Neighbours not allowed back in, her bloke comes home, so we are all sat in our living room at 6.45/7.00ish, me making teas and coffees waiting for the gas man to come. He didnt take too long, and he turned off all supply to the house. Now they have to sit in all day, no heating, windows open, waiting for another gas man to come and check their whole system. :(

What a wake up! Thank goodness they had an alarm though. I am ordering one for us today now.

Everyone get a carbon monoxide alarm. It could save your life!!!

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