1 October 2010

I have a list of things ...

I have a little list if things that I would like to accomplish before our first anniversary on June 5th next year.

1: I'd like to be at my goal weight
This kinda goes without saying... Really, I guess I want to be at my goal weight and maintaining successfully.

2: I'd like our house to be finished... or as close as possible to being finished.
Now this, while it is us that need to do the work, is pretty much entirely money dependant. and the problem we may have with this is that I seem to more and more frequently be channelling my inner Veruca Salt
*I want a party with roomfuls of laughter, / Ten thousand tons of ice cream, / And if I don't get the things I am after, / I'm going to screeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEAM*

I know we could do things 'on the cheap' but why should we?? I want nice things!!.... an example. Slippers.

At the moment I *love* these. £20 from Monsoon/Accessorize.
Now, £20 is not a great deal of money I know, but for a pair of slippers! that my husband will see me in!?... especially when there are these readily available, at a shop that is more local to us, and are half the price. 
But I don't want them! I am sure they are lovely and cosy and wonderful. But *I want* the accessorize ones!

Anyway, back to my list.

The doing the house up, also includes having the conservatory built, and the garden in some sort of habitable state. I am sure there must be wild animals living out there at the moment.

3. Have my work/home life balance sorted
or more sorted than it is now anyway. I'd like to be doing a few less hours at the day job. Thus freeing my time to do household style chores, spend more time on my painting and photography, and free up more time for me and Darren to enjoy our weekends and evenings together.
I'd also like to be selling, or trying to sell, some of the photographs and paintings I produce. At the moment I have a hard time believing anyone would want to part with their hard earned cash for something I have created. But the hope is that extra time to spend on this, will help me refine my style and create things that not only I love, but that other people will love too.

4: This isn't really a goal as such, but I always loved printing at college and my mind always wanders over the the print side of things when I find myself daydreaming about my artwork. If possible I would like to try and work some print into my artwork. I love painting and photography, but the thought of print and what I could create really gets my heart a flutter!

Happy Friday everyone.
Veruca Jules x

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