30 September 2010

My husband has gone bonkers.

Certifiably, undoubtedly, bona fide bonkers*

A couple of nights ago we were watching the series finale of Biggest Loser USA. Firstly, I must say WOW! the transformations these people went through are amazing! completely amazing. I have never watched the show before, but will be an avid viewer for future series.

Secondly, Shay, the largest ever contestant was invited back for the next end of season finale, with the offer from Subway of $1000 for every 1lb lost. This cued lots of gasps of 'omg, that could be loads' from our sofa. and prompted that lovely husband of mine to suggest he gives me £10 for every 1lb I lose.

£10.... for EVERY lb!!! The man is a mentalist! But despite my astonishment and repeated 'are you sure?' 'you dont have to do this' 'seriously?' 'your bonkers!' from me. He insists.
(And, a new engagement ring into the deal too!... little history, When hubby proposed it was not with what would be my 'proper ring'. He wanted to get me a ring to ask with, and then take me shopping for my 'prope'r' ring. Which we never got round to doing because 'I'm losing weight' ... 2 years on, I'm not much lighter and 'my' ring - which I have already seen and love - is still in the shop)

I have also decided today, that I am going to match that, and save £10 for every 1lb I lose too. That should give me around £500 to spend all on myself when I do get to goal... Which I would like to do for February ish. But I wont have my spree/get the money until April/May time. and to be honest, with Christmas, and Birthdays etc. it'll probably be more like March anyway, even if I am a super good girl!

What to do with it all??
I shall spend some on new clothes of course. all my old clothes that are too large will all be taken to charity shops. and I shall have a little frenzy of shopping.
Darren always tells me I have too many clothes, so perhaps this would be the perfect time to aim for a capsule wardrobe!? (who am I kidding, that'll last like a month before I fill my drawers with extra stuff!)
I also think I shall get a new tattoo, to celebrate, and remind me of what I can do if I put my mind to things.

How exciting! Its definitely given me a motivation boost!

Jules x

*But its probably one of the reasons I love him so much

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