27 September 2010

Broken. make up-less. raining.

So, our laptop at home is still broken.
well, technically it still turns on and works, but it absolutely will not, point blank refuses, to see any wireless connections, and so we cannot get online.

I guess we could try it with an ethernet cable. But as yet we haven't.

Our hub is sat on the floor in the front room at the moment, along the middle of the living room wall. Its been there since we moved our furniture round... and then discovered the ethernet cable we already have to connect up the PS3 was too short. Apparently it cannot connect wirelessly as it may disconnect more often. This of course would be disastrous for when Hubby is playing MW2 against some random person he has never met.

Another broken thing, is my nail. The nail on my index finger on my left hand to be precise.
I caught it and broke it on Saturday. In all my life I have never ever broken a nail, yes this is because I have never had long enough nails to break.
I was rather gutted. But I did not let it spiral into a nail biting frenzy, nope. I filed it down, and then painted them with some strengthening stuff, and then painted them a deep rich raspberry red. I tried this colour before when I had false nails on. but on longer nails it looked much much to vampy for me to pull off. On my new short, neat, real nails it looks lovely (imho)

Its extremely grey, chilly and rainy today here, probably in most of the UK if the weather forecast on TV is anything to go by.
This of course meant getting out of bed was all the more difficult. especially when we still have the summer quilt on, but we have the fur throw over the top for warmth. Its so snuggly and lovely I really really have to drag myself out from under the covers.

This morning it has culminated in a make up-less day. Hair in a scraggly bun, and a rushed breakfast.

I'm not going to let the weather get me down. I am going to dust off the heater at work, and also track down and get a coat hook put up behind my desk. 3 winters here of having my coat on the back of my chair.
it falls off, gets caught up under the wheels, which then not only creases up my coat, but means I get stuck mid swoosh, wheels jammed. much huffing and puffing later, I can finally move my chair again and the coat is detangled. only for it all to happen again 30 minutes later.

Besides. I brought a lovely lovely lovely new coat at the weekend, and it deserves much better treatment than falling under the wheels of my ever moving chair.

Jules x

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