16 September 2010

Thursday - the start to the weight watchers week

In this house its the start to the weight watchers week anyway.

I have my meeting on a wednesday evening. Unfortunately last week I put on 2lbs. Serves me right for rebelling against the plan and also eating out rather a lot.

My husband has been saying that he'd like to lose the weight he put on while we were on honeymoon, so we are both going to start eating healthier.

As I was completely unprepared, as usual, tonights dinner was a bit of a 'what do we have in the cupboard/fridge/freezer' concoction.

In our freezer we have excessive amounts of chorizo. There was a french (yep, I always thought chorizo was spanish too!) Market held in our town centre. One stall which had the loveliest selection of sausages and dried and cured meats.
We perhaps got over excited and decided we would treat ourselves to some chorizo... The biggest chorizo known to mankind.
Ok, possibly an exaggeration, but it was 10 english pounds of big fat sausage. Which upon getting home was chopped into sensible portions and popped into bags in the freezer.
(and by the way, its absolutely wonderful on home made pizza)

Cue getting home, grabbing arborio rice from the cupboard, the frozen chorizo and a bag of frozen peppers (always a good standby to keep in the freezer) a few other bits and bobs (veg stock, herbs, chilli and black pepper) and we have, chorizo and pepper risotto!

I also added a dollop of extra low fat cream cheese right at the end, just to melt through for added creaminess.

5.5 points for a bowlful (julia sized, husband sized was 8points)
And it was really really yummy! Definitely something that will be cooked again, and again and again probably, as hubby loved it too!

Happy Thursday! :)

Jules x
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