29 September 2010

Its dark outside

Its just hit 7am. My alarm has just gone off. And its dark outside.
Normally I hit snooze for the next 30minutes, but today I have already been lying awake for some time.

The important part of that, is not that I have been awake since some ungodly hour, but the fact that its 7am, and its still dark outside. Not middle of the night dark, but its certainly not daylight.

I do not deal with winter very well. I have to fight an almost uncontrollable urge to hibernate. Things would be fine if I could rise at say 10am when it was already light and spend the next few hours outside. I actually quite like the autumnal/winter weather, wrapping up warm, curling up with a hot drink when you get back home.
Unfortunately, I don't get that luxury, I am up and at the office before daylight really raises its sleepy head, and am home well after darkness has returned.
No different to thousands of other people out there that are just the same of course. I just complain about it much much more.

2 quick things... What's happened to daybreak? I know I am normally asleep at this time, but adrian and christine seem to be missing. Not that I am complaining. Its still no were near as good as gmtv.

And, ooooh. They are showing the britain from the air exhibition that's on in Bath! ... The company I work for produced the images and map etc! Quite exciting seeing it on tv when you have seen the whole thing in production from the start!

Have a lovely Wednesday people

Jules x

Here is me in my new coat.... Hubby took the photo on my blackberry, and its not the best camera. plus, I had just got in from work. please ignore the random face I am pulling.
and ignore the picture on the wall which we need to move to the new correct position and ignore the home hub on the floor.
But isn't my coat (and boots while we are on the subject!) just the absolute cutest! I love it. x

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