13 September 2010


Hello to anyone out there thats taking the time to have a little read of my new blog.

My hope is to fill it full of things that I find beautiful, inspiring, funny, tasty, cute... generally things that make me smile. I'll also be using it to document the makeover of the home I share with my husband, my weight loss journey and other random general aspects of my life!... and no doubt a few annoyances, and bumps in the road along the way!

SO a little about me.... you could click on the 'About me section' over there on the left, or just continue to read this... as to be honest, I can pretty much guarantee I shall copy and paste this info straight into that section over there anyway! I am Jules. I am 30, I live in a small house in Northamptonshire (England, incase anyone overseas happens to stumble across this) and around 3 months ago I became Mrs Mann.
That was a fun day. Really fun. I shall share pictures and tales of our wedding at a later date. It kinda goes without saying though that I loved it. My husband is just ace (husband!! hehe) and it was the best fun ever!

I studied art at college (not uni, just college!) and I want to bring some of that creativeness back into my life. I enjoy food, good food especially, but just food in general will do... hence the weight loss journey mentioned above. I have dabbled in weight watchers for years, and yet again I am a member, going to meetings weekly, and pointing my food. It does work. I know it does. I just need to learn how to stop being so stubborn and just get on with it! I have lost about a stone and would like to lose another stone and half or more.

The small house I live in with my Husband is having a makeover. long story short... we brought when house prices were pretty much at their peak. It was supposed to be a short term place, our first step onto the housing ladder with the view to move after a couple of years.
House prices crashed. the recession hit and we are now clinging onto that first rung of the ladder, and wont be moving up it for some time yet.
But we are not going to sulk, we have a home, we cannot grumble about that. Its just that when we moved in we gave it a bit of shine, a lick of paint, that sort of thing. We didn't put much effort in as we were not planning on staying too long. Now we shall be staying for the foreseeable future it really needs to be made into our home.

This is a bit scary, as its quite a commitment doing so much work and spending so much money. Also, I am rather fussy, and a complete control freak. Should be fun!!

I shall stop my rambling now, I hope you come back to see how things are going!

Jules x

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