22 September 2010

The dresses arrived

Hubby answered the door when I arrived home from work with the news that my parcel of clothes had arrived... Hoorah.

Well kind of.

The zig zag dress, even though I brought it in a size smaller than I take now, feels much much too big! (Slight hoorah, but not really, I know I am the size I am, and its more just annoying that the dress is sized wrong!)

And the leopard dress, the one I have been lusting over for oh so long. Meh. Its ok.
Its darker than the picture online shows, so the colours don't pop as much as I was hoping. Which as I was worried about my confidence to wear it, you think would be a good thing, but it just doesn't have the same 'wow'
Plus, unfortunately the sweetheart neck line looks off, like its been miss sewn. So they are both being returned.

Might have to see if I can get the jumper as a replacement!!

Jules x
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