24 September 2010

Lovely things

Today I thought I'd share a few lovely things that I like/have/are happening at the moment.

1: Mint green nails

Today I am sporting mint green nails, I can't quite believe I have stopped biting my nails! 30 years old, and I have stopped. and I am finding a new passion for pretty nail colours. Lushesness.

2: This hotel
I keep popping back and looking at this hotels website. I think I am in love with it. I love the decor, especially room 7 and room 8. So light and airy and bright, but looking like they have a lovely cosy rustic feel to them too.
I love it, it makes me feel all dreamy. I can just imagine staying there, waking up under the crisp white sheets and having a cup of tea in bed. Then taking a walk to the harbour, taking some photographs, finding somewhere to stop for coffee and cake.... so relaxing.
*hint hint* lovely husband.... a first anniversary break away perhaps?
(also, if anyone knows any other hotels like this from around the UK, anywhere, so long as we could take some lovely walks, have tea and cake somewhere and its pretty for me to take photos, please let me know! x)

3: Tomorrow I am trying out a new Weight Watchers meeting. I am hoping the change may give me the kick up the bottom I need. Plus, going on a Saturday morning will hopefully give me focus for the weekend. and free up my Wednesday evenings to start playing with my photography and painting etc again. Yay!

4: The Pina Colada mix from my Graze box.

Organic mango, pineapple pieces and coconut flakes. It tastes like summer. <3

5: Marina & the diamonds

I love this album at the moment. I'm listening to it at work, and in the car. I really need to remember to put it on my Ipod for the gym too!

Thats all for today. Happy Friday

Jules x

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