20 September 2010

New Dresses

So it may be a little early to be thinking about Xmas. But I am in the process of organising the works Xmas party, and my mind started to wander about what I might wear.

That cued a little 'sightseeing' trip to BooHoo to see what they have at the moment. BooHoo can be a bit hit and miss. Its lovely and friendly on the purse strings, but the stuff isn't always the best fit/quality. Depends on what you are after though I guess, and what you expect from the items you have ordered!

I love love love this Jumper in grey.

But I couldn't afford that on top of the dresses, so that will have to wait for another day.

Though now I am writing this blog post, I am wondering how I justified being quite so frivolous and spending money on a couple of going out dresses, I shall rarely wear (indeed, I need to find reasons to wear, especially when I have nice dresses at home already) but decided a Jumper was too much, even though I would wear it much much more often. hmmmmm

Anyway, what's done is done. Hopefully the dresses will arrive soon and they will be lovely. I had seen this one a while ago, but didn't think I would have the confidence to wear it. Friday I decided 'bugger it, I like it' and so I brought it.

That perhaps goes someway to explain my Jumper vs Dress logic! My downright stubborness! oops.

The other dress.... double oops, is very similar in shape, but I think may be more flattering while I am not so confident, and so if I don't have the balls to wear the bright leopard print, I have a 'back up'

So there is my little Friday unplanned shopping spree. I had a bit of a decadent weekend actually! On Saturday after gym and collecting my new geek glasses. (uber geek. so cool!) I brought a few other bits and bobs in town. Not much, but more than I should be buying when we are suppose to be saving for our holiday. Got the loveliest pink nail varnish. Its called strawberry ice cream.


Jules x

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