14 September 2010

It has started...

The house makeover that is.

I'll be honest, I have been a little apprehensive about the whole thing. its a lot of money we are planning on spending, and we are not exactly rolling in cash.
Especially this plumbing malarky. Good gravy, its a lot of money. a bloody lot of money (for us) and on Monday when I arrived home, and we had more pipes in the kitchen than we had started with and the under stairs cupboard smelt like a sewer I was seriously questioning our decision.

I am rather good at over reacting and worrying when really I should just wait and see what happens. Chill Julia, Chilllllllll, it'll all be arlight.

and it was.
better than alright actually, its fanbloodytastic! We have a dishwasher (this in itself is more than enough reason to rejoice, I hate doing dishes, and so it seems does my husband, if the piles of unwashed dishes are anything to go by) and a new washing machine, and a new boiler, which is so quiet compared to our old one. not to mention 2 fully working and quick filling toilets, and space!!! so much space!

My husband can actually climb into the airing cupboard and stand up in it. He's 6foot 4in. That means I could stand in it and jump up and down if I wanted to.
I don't want to, I might break the plinth and crash into all the pipes hidden below. Besides which, what would I actually gain from jumping in an airing cupboard? other than the confirmation that, yes, it is possible.

So we are going to add shelving and rails and use it as a storage cupboard come wardrobe. Now I have not mentioned this to him indoors, but this does fill me with excitements somewhat.... Just imagine how many more clothes I can have! and shoes! I am certain I can fit some extra shoe storage in there too.
I am sure on some level he knows that this is what will happen, and he is either hoping he is wrong, and a shoe shopping frenzy is not on the horizon. Or his subconscious is blanking the thought so we dont have to discuss how many shoes I have... again.
(for future reference, the topic of how many shoes I have is always an interesting one. apparently, I have way too many, and when I buy a new pair, I should get rid of an 'old' pair. I heartily disagree, of course. he likes football. I like shoes. They are not hurting anyone, so where is the problem? also, just for the record, I do not have 'way too many' at all, more than some people yes, but not as many as others.)

Anyway. I don't think he needs to worry just yet. with all the work we have planned on the house, I wont have the time, or the money to go shopping anytime soon!

x Jules x

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