20 October 2010

The Fringe Chronicles

OK. I *know* I am an idiot, and that I am changing the name of this blog practically daily.

My theory is, I am bound to hit on one that just feels right and sticks. Until that day arrives, please just try and just bear with me! I'll try and stop being indecisive I promise.

The new name, well its inspired by my fringe.
My new fringe which I had cut in at the weekend.... here it is.
Not the best picture granted, snapped on my blackberry on Saturday, not long after getting it cut. Kinda looks like an old mans combover. Its better now its more used to being in that parting.

My history with fringes goes something like: Think fringes are cool - Get fringe cut - get annoyed with fringe - grow fringe out - think fringes are cool - get fringe cut - get annoyed with fringe - grow fringe out - think fringes are cool... you get the idea!
Its been a cycle for at least the last 5 years, probably longer. But I do like the fringes. They look cool (IMO) and I think they are way more interesting to non-fringness.

So this time I thought, try a sweepy fringe. get used to it and go from there. its driving me bonkers. its catching on my eyelashes, its tickling my eyebrows... argh!
BUT, I do like it. I think it makes me look younger, which if course I can only see as being a good thing. ;)
So I am going to persevere... and possibly get a blunt fringe cut in instead! haha.
I'll share photos with whatever I finally decide to do! :D

Happy Wednesday
Jules x

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