6 October 2010

letting it all go

I woke up this morning feeling much much better than I have been the past few days.
It was nice to walk up and feel happier again.

Everyone is going to have down days, it is inevitable, especially when you get bad news, but I am not going to get dragged down by it. The tough times are there to make us stronger.

So this morning I have been thinking about my goals. Some are small, some are big. But I have not really set a time scale on any of them. Not properly (apart from these ones) perhaps this is something I need to do.

So my list.... in short.

*To Create a relaxing happy home - as soon as possible. realistically. This will be at least a year long project. By Xmas 2011 would be nice

*To be at my goal weight - as mentioned before, March/April is realistic.

*To have great clothes and hair - so shallow I know! hehe. I am booked in for a new hair cut and restyle the weekend I am back from hols, the clothes, well I'll need a load more when I get to goal. so that'll have to wait until then!

*To sell my photos drawings and paintings online - I am the only things standing in my own way here. I just need to stop messing and dreaming, and just do it! So I am setting a goal date of Jan 2011.

*To be a Mum - I can't really put a time limit on this, nature will kinda take over and have its own say in the matter. but by the time I am 35. please by the time I am 35! ;)

*To have doggies - I yearn for a dog, or two. Thankfully hubby does too. if things go as we would like, we could be doggy owners by June 2011! yay.

*to get my tattoos finished - an ongoing task, as soon as I have some done, I want more... not sure this 'goal' will ever be complete.

So some major, some minor. The main ones are to get our home just how we want it. and for me to try and make some sort of a living from the things I create/make.
and those are the ones we shall focus on fully, and wholeheartedly.

Happy Wednesday.
Jules x

ps. I fly to Malta tomorrow, ohh for some warm weather, bliss. See you when I get home. xx

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