13 June 2011

Is it that time already!!

Today has litterally flow by! It has been my first Monday at home. I've been sorting out the spare room/office and writing up some future posts for on here. If all Mondays shoot past as quick as this one I'm going to need to get much much quicker at doing stuff or i'll never get half the things I want to do done!

Darren is currently out in the garden working on our patio some more. It'll be so good once it's done, yes we have other stuff to get on and get done in the garden, but having a proper area we can sit and eat and entertain and BBQ will be wonderful. And should alleviate some of the dread I have been feeling every time I look out into our garden (omg, there is SO much work to be done!)

The spare room/office is coming along nicely. Its not painted etc, but most of the clearing out has been done. Just need some bookcases/shelving now and I can get my backside into gear and start painting/printing/making. Its scary, I've alway been so critical of my own work, but i need to just overcome that and get on with it. It makes me happy, so i'll suck it up and get on with it. Setting myself deadlines will be a good thing I think. :)

Having Mondays to work at home will give me tht little bit more time to focus on this here blog a bit too, its been a little lacklustre of late I know. Tomorrow I have a yummy recipe post coming up, and Wednesday will have the Lust list back too! Phew... its been more typing than I normally do at work! haha.

Anyway, I hope this is the re-start of making this little blog a bit more entertaining (for me to write, as well as for any of you that read it!) and most importantly of me getting some focus back and really pushing forward with some new things in my life. eeek!!
This is tomorrows recipe 'KFC style chicken' Its making me hungry just thinking about it. Think I need to sign off and go start our dinner (baked gnocchi, yummy!)

Happy Monday! xx

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