22 June 2011

My birthday wish list

Is it wrong for me to be posting a wish list of things I would like for on my birthday? I don't want to seem greedy, its not gifts I am after, but rather a little list/plan of the things I would like to make my birthday special (to me) and I thought I would just share the things I would love on here for all to see!

A lot of it seems to revolve around food!... hmmm...

Warm croissants and fresh fruit for breakfast, with tea, coffee and oj! Ideally in the garden... if its fnished (and please be sunny!)
A lazy morning, perhaps a little shopping, and then a drive to a lovely local farm shop/tea room for lunch and a slice of cake.

Then home, to curl up on the sofa with a movie or two and some before mentioned Jelly Belly Beans.

Later on some Olive Bread (mmmmm, I could eat home baked olive bread all day long) With some mozzarella cheese a selection of cheeses, various cold meats and pates. Perhaps some home made pizza with some spicy chicken dipper things, or a BBQ in the garden!
 If my birthday pans out like this I will be one blissfully happy (and relaxed) lady!
*ahem* lovely husband take note ;) xx

Whats your perfect way to spend your birthday??

(ps. celebrations with friends & family will happen at the weekend! I'm not ignoring them! haha)


Paul (Fat 4 Now) said...

will be spending my birthday next week at a WW meeting in Alicante haha

Moominjules said...

:) Happy Birthday for next week Paul. I think you will be more likely to get nice weather than me! ;) x