10 June 2011

Weigh In Result & Meal Plans

Good afternoon.
I'm feeling incredibly tired again today, it was so warm last night we couldn't sleep so early hours of the morning opened one of the windows.
This morning I was woken, not by my alarm, but by a bloody big bee that had found its way in and was stuck behind the curtains. 'Operation Bee Rescue' was quite simple... open the window wider. :)

Aaaanyway, I gained half a pound this week. Not much eh, especially after our weekend away. hoorah. I can feel my body starting to crave healthiness now though, today my lunch mainly consisted of celery and tomatoes.

On top of that, I still cant quite work out if I have developed hayfever or I have some sort of chest infection. Off to see the Dr on Monday. Hopefully they can tell me whats wrong and how to make it better! :) So hoping for a super healthy and lovely feeling week ahead!

Back to some normality this week too, or my new version of normality. Quite simply I now work 4 days a week, Tuesday-Friday. I'll share my plans for my extra 'free' tine soon!! :)

Here is this weeks meal plans (From Monday, as its cheaper to get groceries delivered on a Monday from now on! haha)

Monday: Green
B - Toast/Cereal & fruit
L - homemade soup & bread
D - Baked gnocchi, Garlic bread & salad
Tuesday: Green - Yoga in Evening
B - Toast/Cereal & fruit
L - Leftover Gnocchi
D - Slow baked potato & salad
Wednesday: Green - Gym in Morning
B - Toast/Cereal & fruit
L - 1/2 baked pot & salad
D - Stuffed & roasted BNS, with cheese & salad
Thursday: Green - Balance & SW in Evening
B - Toast/Cereal & fruit
L - Baked potato & salad
D - Sandwich/Wrap & crisps
Friday: EE - Zumba in evening!! (eek, first time I'll be going!)
B - Toast/Cereal & fruit
L - 1/2 baked pot & salad
D - Chicken in spicy tomato sauce with rice.
Saturday: EE
B - Porridge & fruit/Jam
L - Toasted Panini/Sandwich, coffee & cake
D - KFC style chicken & BNS chips.
Sunday: EE 
B - Porridge & fruit/jam
L - Burgers & cajun wedges
D - Homemade soup

Happy weekend. xx

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Paul (Fat 4 Now) said...

Impressed with the planning
good luck x