14 April 2011

I L.O.V.E....

Jelly Belly Beans!! oh yes. I love them.

I swear they are made by magic!

How else do they make a little sweetie taste like buttered popcorn or toasted marshmallow?

One of the guys at work had a bag of them today, and offered me one, which turned into 2, and then 3, and then 5. It was fun playing the 'what flavour is this' game. I was quite good. I guessed Pina Colada almost immediately.
They also always make me think of Harry Potter and Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans, and I do slightly worry I may end up with a snot flavoured one.

I now have yearnings for a giiiiant tub of them, the sofa, a blanket and some movies. so I can sit and play the 'what flavour is this' game all day long.

Such fun!! xx

Edit - Just found out about these!! They scare me (omg there actually IS a snot flavoured one!!) but I know they would send me into absolute fits of laughter psyching myself up to taste them!

Another Edit - For anyone that is reading this and knows me, just a quick reminder that its my birthday in a couple of months, and I love Jelly Belly Beans!
Just sayin' ;)

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Amy said...

Oh, jelly beans are my weakness too. Someone at work went to the US and came back with a box. Serious temptation!

My favourites are the pear ones. Nom

Narrowboat Lucky Duck