28 April 2011

Another quick update/a few things.

1. This week I did not do a meal plan, and with being off work my diet has completely gone out the window. Tea & biscuits anyone?

2. Because my diet has gone out the window I feel *awful* bloated, lethargic, stomach ache. ... my body hates me being so unhealthy.

3. Darrens Birthday this weekend (along with the long bank holiday weekend) means more excessive/unhealthy food and alcohol consumption.

4. Yesterday we went to Ikea.

5. Ikea (and Primark) should both come with warnings. It is impossible to visit and not spend more than you intended.

6. On the plus side, I saw these lamps in the flesh. much bigger than I imagined. They would not look right in our bedroom so I can stop lusting after them. (though they are still lovely!)

7. We are now the proud owners of new unchipped plates (and bowls, side plates etc)

8. Tonight is taster night at SW. So I need to get baking/creating something tasty (I'll share recipes for whatever I make at a later date!)

9. Its also a Red, White & Blue theme... Do I even have any red, white & blue clothes??

10. I am looking forward to the Royal Wedding tomorrow. I do love a wedding. :)

Happy Thursday. x

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