28 February 2011

Lust List (Feb 2011)

Afternoon all.
This is the start of a new monthly post I am planning on doing. The title says it all really, its going to be a list of items I am lusting after at the moment.
They could be anything, artwork, shoes, home items, cakes! Anything and probably everything :)
Let me know what you think? a good monthly post, or completely disinteresting!? x

Starting off the first in this series... Reebok Easy tone high tops!

Ok. perhaps not the most stylish footwear (though I am complete;y loving the animal print on these ones!) BUT and its a big but, (yes. the pun is intended!) the Easytone is said to tone your derriere, by just wearing them to walk about in.
A firm bottom without the extra effort at the gym. Yes please!
Unfortunatley previous trainers that claim the same (easytone, shapeups, MBTs etc) aren't exactly what I would wear while popping to the shops. These however these freestyle hybrids, I can see myself wearing them with a pair of skinny jeans and tshirt!
The problem. I don't remember where I saw them. I dont know how much they are. and I can't find the blasted things anywhere!! if you know where they are stocked. please let me know! ty.

Second on my list this month. This necklace from BooHoo.

Third. These 'my jewellery' hooks. Perfect for my new little girly area of our bedroom. (I'd prefer it in black so it matched my tree more!)

Fourth. This hook for in our downstairs bathroom.

and Fifth. This picture for the same room. (smallest picture ever!)
Sixth. These tights from H&M... I think I *need* them!
Seventh. This print. Found via Peonies and Polaroids 
Oh my I love it so! (and yes I know its yellow! but it does come in other colours, I'm tempted by the sea green for in our bedroom)

Eighth. This Lamp from Ikea. It would look wonderful in our bedroom (when its madeover of course) unfortunately A: We brought new bedside lamps just a few months ago. B: £61.27 each... I can't justify £122.54 on a couple of lights for the bedroom. Look at how lovely they are though.
And Ninth. These shoes, again from H&M, and again leopard print!

And finally. Tenth. These Irregular Choice shoes from Schuh. I've lusted after these for some time, so they deserved a place on my first ever Lust List! :) and ... they are on SALE!!! eek.

Thats everything that set my pulse racing this month. Whats the bet that by the time I do next months Lust List I'll have given in and brought myself half of these items? :)

What items are you lusting after at the moment?? Or, what have you given in and brought yourself? x

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