2 March 2011



That *points up* is what my current glasses are called. Just discovered they are also apparently Mens glasses! <- Do it like a brother, do it like a dude :D Really excited to get my new specs on Saturday though.

Anyway, just a quick update for today. I'm currently sporting braids/plaits for the first time in years. quick and easy, and it means I can half dry my hair and just throw the rest up in this style after an early morning gym visit
(Yep, I had to mention it. I made it to the gym for 6.30 again. not feeling as tired this week, but we'll see if I crash and burn later)

Diet wise, the week hasn't been the greatest. I wasn't as organised as I thought, and the first couple of days were kinda a bust. I couldn't get a couple of the ingredients for some of the recipes I had planned so that went to pot too.
I then discovered yesterday that the Lucozade drink I'd been having at the gym was a grand total of 7 syns a bottle!! oops. I'd guessed at a couple of syns, not 7. So that hasn't helped either. Hoping that my work outs, and subsequent days healthy eating have made up for my few days of chaos.

Been quite busy on a few other little things too, none of which are in the 'ready the share' phase yet, but hopefully not too long now and I can let you in on what I have been working on.
I'm going to share some of the inspiration behind the different rooms in our home, and what we are trying to work towards with our little home makeover soon too. I hope you'll find some of it interesting & possibly inspiring too.


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