22 March 2011

A few things

A few things on my mind this week...

1 - I have SUCKED at eating healthy and exercising for the past few days - I've been completely burnt out!

2 - I've been completely burnt out because we have been putting our all into exercising, doing up the house and paying our credit cards off!

3 - We are now so close to our credit cards being paid off I can smell it (hoorah!)

4 - I get stressed and overwhelmed at the slightest things sometimes (like calling the garage)

5 - Putting on a favourite top (currently a stripy jumper) in the morning can instantly make you feel better

6 - I am having another early night tonight. Sleep also helps make you feel better

7 - I'd crossed 2 things off my 'to do' list by 9.30 this morning (hoorah!)

8 - My hair desperately needs cutting - Fuzzball. Eek.

9 - My new lunchbag arrived today, it has fawns and hedgehogs on it. Happy lunch for work.

10 - Darren told me last night to not beat myself up about not going gym. Its ok not to be there every single time we have planned... It'll all be ok.

He's right you know. It will all be ok. :)

Happy Tuesday everyone. HAPPY flipping Tuesday! xx


Anonymous said...

You may benefit from taking higher nature multi vits and mins it's a good quality x ceri x

KeliTwirls said...

I love love your lunchbag! :)

Moominjules said...

perhaps I should look into a multi Vit. Thanks Ceri.

I love it Keli. I got some funny looks from the boys at work, but I think they were all secretly jealous really! :) x