10 March 2011


So Tuesday night I succumbed and we made pancakes. I just made up a small batch so we did not go tooooo overboard. But it was still incredibly decadent (mine were anyway!) for a Tuesday night!

As it was an unplanned event, and the camera batter was not charged we snapped a couple of quick shots on my BB. My tossing skills were remarkable! ;)

If you are currently watching your weight/dieting I may suggest you look away now! All good intentions of healthy eating went out the window with these little beauties. There is fruit included in them though, so technically there is some goodness in there.

mmmmm. Chocolate Cherry pancakes!
I had a few leftover frozen cherries in the freezer, and there was some chocolate spread stashed at the back of one of the cupboards. From previous experiments I knew this would be a tasty food combination, so threw them in my pancake.

oh... my... word. Soooo Naughty, but oh so lovely.

Just got to deal with the consequences of treats like this when I go weigh in tonight. Fingers crossed the odd bout of indulgence has not attached itself directly to my thighs! xx

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