23 March 2011

Feeling Good (and a request for advice)

So after my few days of feeling horrid, I am feeling back on track and good again.
Last night we had lovely home made veggy lasagne for dinner (quark thinned with a little skimmed milk instead of white sauce worked wonderfully!) and another early night were just the ticket.

This morning we were up early and at the gym at 6.30 again. Today our friends Leanne and Ed met us there too. I do love working out before work, it just takes a little adjustment to getting up earlier and its such a positive way to start the day.

In fact, we are enjoying it so much that we are going to start going every weekday morning before work. :)

This is where my request for advice comes in... Beautifying make up products that are super speedy to use/get results.

What can you recommend?

One thing I am on the look out for is an eyelash conditioner/conditioning mascara. My eyelashes are rather fine and unfortunately quite short. So without mascara I tend to look like I have no eyelashes! But I am convinced that using mascara every day is no good for my lashes either.

I also have a terrible habit of tugging them and pulling out any lose ones. Terrible I know. I dont want bald eyes!! So in my head conditioning them/looking after them more means less lose lashes, less tugging and more loveliness! Right??

So what products are in your gym/makeup bag?? Share your secrets with me. xx


Anonymous said...

I love using Charlotte's Island on my face for a quick healthy glow and ultra balm on my lashes to make them appear bigger both from Lush Ltd x

Anonymous said...

Use vaseline on your eyelashes overnight, will feel really odd at first but works wonders xx

Moominjules said...

Thanks guys. I'll try the vaseline tip tonight!

I have ordered a couple of goodies from boots, I'll see how I go with them and may then take a trip to Lush soon too! x